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  For climbing and recreation reservations call Howard at:
(432) 292-4412
(830) 775-6957

For general climbing information call James at (512) 731-7596 *at this time only Howard is making reservations as of Feb 2010
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PLEASE NOTE: The ranch is closed every year the weekend following Columbus Day weekend (usually the second weekend of October) until the second weekend in January for deer hunting Look for new updates for 2010.

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Welcome to the Continental Ranch, West Texas' premier destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Continental Ranch is a newly developed private recreation area sprawling over 29,000 acres of stunning West Texas desert. Our ranch, bordered by 17 miles of pristine Lower Pecos River, is a wilderness of deep limestone canyons carved by the river's emerald green waters. This rugged oasis is nestled in a region where three ecological zones overlap, creating a diversity of plant, animal, and bird life that is unparalleled in Texas.

Primitive camping is included with your rock climbing fees, but is not an option itself. We invite you to come and relax in a setting that is both splendorous and peaceful. Due to recent abuses of "honor pay system" and not closing/locking of gates access fees are now $15.00 per day per person with a minimum of 3 people and a minimum of 2 days. Continued disrespect to the ranch may soon cause it's closure. Please obey all Rules and Regulations. Click here for a map of the Ranch. Irresponsibility by a few individuals has led to access concerns from owners. Please be responsible and preserve future access for all.

The ranch is located an hour west of Del Rio, Texas, just north of the town Comstock. Click here for a vicinity map.

Please click here to download a copy of the waiver. This is required to enter the Ranch.

IMPORTANT: Click here for general information and FAQ's.

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